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„Full Bowl Festival”

Forming of the management, marking the competences and exercises, organizing 5 pieces of two-day long festivals, three of them in Hungary and two of them in Croatia. All the festivals attracted many people and recollected local products and traditions. Organizing of the opening conference and two PIT meetings, editing and printing of the image reference book and the free promotion events calendar (1500 pc).

During the reporting period (01 May 2010- 31 August 2010) the following events were realized:
01 May 2010: the management was formed with the financial collegaue and project manager’s participing. Their contracts of agency, job descriptions and the registering of the daily working time were made.

07 May 2010: PIT statutory meeting, the participiants were the leader representatives of the project partners. The first meeting was in Tótszerdahely, the project leader corporation agreed to the workplan of the project and to the leading and controlling exercises durnig the professional and financial checking. Continuous checking will be guaranteed over management’s working and the realizing of the project will be monitored, their decisions the management will realize.

12 May Gorican: the Croatian partner organized the project opnening conference in Gorican (Croatia). The invited guests got information about the professional and financial exercises of the project, the invited asked questions of the completing. The conference was closed with a press conference and reception. A short summary of the program was published in the local newspaper.

17 June 2010: Second PIT meeting in Gorican. We reviewed the parts of the image reference book and typical symbols of the events, we chose the symbol of the „Teli Tál Fesztivál” too. The technical details of the programs and the documentation of the simplified „PRAG” procedure were harmonized.

10-11 July 2010: The Mazanica Festival was organized in Molnári (Hungary). Croatian and Hungarian participiants, cultural and folklore groups debuted. In the program were cooking competition, programs for children and presenting the making of the strudel without filling. The day before there was a professional program, its aim was assignment directions of the regional development alternatives. In addition to the conference there was an exhibition too in the Competence Centre in Molnári.

31 July- 01 August 2010: The Prospectors’ meals Festival was held in Donji Vidovec (Croatia) within the confines of the Full Bowl Festival: professional presentations, demonstration the challenges and beauties of the old prospectors job in the river Dráva. Second day: cooking competition and presenting the traditional prospector’s meals. The program was completed with intorducing of local groups and the appearance of younger and older folklore groups.

7-8 August 2010: The Strudel Festival was organized in Tótszerdahely (Hungary). The „totyogós” strudel is a tradtional food in the „Horvátság”. The members of the jury were the excellent specialists of the Nationwide Confectioner Association. More than 13 competitors, at least 36 different types of strudel, some of the competitors came from Croatia. In the afternoon was a nationwide cooking competition, for this program came competitors from the Great Hungarian Plain Region too. The programs made colourful football competition, the presentation of choirs, dance groups and tambura groups. On the second day debuted a Croatian singer. During the two days there were more thousands visitors from the West- and South – Transdanubian Region and from Budapest.

21-22 August 2010: The Onion Festival was held in Donja Dubrava (Croatia). Onion is the typical plant in Donja Dubrava and County Muraköz. It is much sweeter and its shape is different from the Hungarian onion. This onion is the basis of many excellent dishes, but it can be made also in itself with different tricks. The local growers shown their bio plants, vegetables, fruits, house-made jams, botled fruits and the snaps made of herbs (these felicitated the body and the soul) during the two-day long program. The programs made colourful the presentations of cultural and folklore groups. Naturally the cooking competition was an important part of the program in Donja Dubrava too, the Hungarian teams represented themselves well.

27-28 August 2010: Corncake, Wine and Tambura Festival weltered in Tótszentmárton. Meeting of Croatian secondary school students was held on the first day, there were juvenile forum, bicycle tour and a dance-evening. On the second day were the corncake baking competition, the cooking competition, wine presentations, and the concert of the famous Tambura Group from Tótszentmárton. Hungarian and Croatian folklore orchestras and dance groups played on the stage.

During the programs the bilingual events calendar was sorted free on the both side of the border (Hungarian, Croatian). 1500 issues were printed, most of them were sorted in this period, the rest part of it will be sorted during the Hungarian and Croatian programs in the following reporting period. We payed underlined attention to the logos and other parts of the image reference book, which can be used for informing the public (the logo of the supporter, the tender, the festival and the EU appeared on the posters), during the whole period.
As summation we can say that the project dislodged the connection system of the settlements along the border from the dead point. During the festivals they came to know each others traditions, discovered their common roots, the affected organizations were made co-operate continuous, bilingualism became important and the partners came to know each others work methods. The Croatian organizations, affected by the project, came to know the using procedure of the fund from the EU. The project has multiplicator effect for the economy and tourism in the region along the border.